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The SatoshiCentre was founded in 2014 as a platform to create bitcoin awareness not only in Botswana but Africa in general.


The SatoshiCentre is one of the first bitcoin community centres in Africa. It is a hub for learning new developments in the bitcoin space, including both second layer technologies, like Lightning Network, and sidechains like Liquid. We aim to help develop a generation of bitcoiners in Botswana through education, conversation and start up incubation.

Casa Lightning Nodes

Alakanani was an invited speaker at CryptoSprings where her talk inspired Casa to donate five Lightning nodes to Satoshi Centre.


The growing adoption of bitcoin around the world, presents an immense opportunity to build a community of adopters, users, thinkers and coders in Botswana. Bitcoin is permissionless, so, unlike the legacy financial and monetary systems, all of Botswana is free to join. We should seize this once in a generation opportunity to participate. Nothing can stop us.

Events and Conferences

Satoshicentre at the Global Blockchain Congress

Satoshicentre a Blockchain Tech Hub won an award of excellence in Blockchain Incubation facilities at the Global Blockchain Congress Conference that was held on the 16-17 July at South Africa Johanesburg 2018

CEO of Satoshicentre presenting at the Global Blockchain Congress

Mrs Itireleng gave a presentation on what Satoshicentre does and the vision they have at Satoshicentre of incubating startups.

CEO of Satoshicentre at the Black Blockchain Summit

CEO recognition for the work at satoshicentre and global contribution to Bitcoin and Blockchain technology

Black Blockchain Summit

Interviewing speakers at Black blockchain summit in Washington DC

#KeiserReport interviews @bitcoinlady about Satoshi Centre in Botswana


Botswana's first Bitcoin, second layer technologies, sidechains and ethereum Hackathon


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Cryptocurrency training 90%
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Summits 92%


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